Accolades for Co-op Students

Accolades for Co-op Students were abundant last month! Three of our high school students won the “Sixteen Day of Activism” essays for each of their respective categories. The students were Kiran, Kaiboke, and Jenice.

Four more accolades were announced by the College of the Marshall Islands when they selected four students into the dual enrollment program as of January 2015. These students will take college courses at the CMI while attending Co-op high school, earning credit at both.

They are: Patsy Glad, Claret Chong Gum, Chloe Abraham and Namiko Obeketang.

 It continues with three more of the high school students competing for and being selected by the United World College for their placement and scholarships at three of their International Baccalaureate schools beginning August 2015 and for two years.  The students are: Catherine Cheng (to China), Beverly Johnson (to Singapore) and Victoria Jamore (to United Kingdom).

These demonstrations of student achievement are the result of the combined commitment and dedication of these students and further, their teachers, families and Co-op community. Thank you for all that you do to support and encourage our students.

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