School board members


Jack Niedenthal has served for 15 years as a Majuro Cooperative School Board member, the last nine years as President and was a former president of the Co-op School PTA.  Currently, he serves as the first ever Secretary General of the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society. Jack is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a BS in Economics with distinction. He is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary Business Fraternity.  Jack is also the founder of Microwave Films of the Marshall Islands, which has now produced six award winning feature length films in the Marshallese language.  Jack has two grandchildren at the school. 

Yolanda Elanzo is a wife with three children and a granddaughter. With the exception of oldest child, all attend Co-op school.  While family members are at work or school, Yolanda is fortunate to spend her time with a team of talented coastal and oceanic fisheries individuals working for government of RMI fisheries agency, MIMRA. This is her first year serving as a Co-op School Board member.

Ermalyn Capelle has worked at Co-op since January 2014 as the school’s Financial Officer. She has a BS degree in accountancy and is a certified bookkeeper from the Philippines.  Ermalyn has 14 years of accounting experience and has been on the island since 2010. 

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