Grade 5

5th grade is a year of transitions—intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. At Coop. we focus on nurturing the whole-child, keeping in mind that 11-12 year olds are not blank slates, but individuals with unique learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and personalities. Students come into the classroom at the beginning of the year with many of the basic skills that will serve them well in Middle School and beyond. We spend a lot time in the 5th grade cementing their academic foundation and teaching our students the value of strong social skills and problem solving.

Daily Grammar and Spelling practice reinforces students’ grasp of English conventions and builds vocabulary. Literacy stations and novel studies build fluency and reading comprehension while developing students’ ability to write in response to literature. Step Up to Writing is used extensively to help students with organization and build ideas. Throughout the year, students have many opportunities for traditional and creative writing assignments that integrate Science and Social Studies as well as the Expected School-wide Learning Results.

Saxon Math’s spiraling curriculum offers a rigorous Math program while meeting the needs and levels of each individual student. The Life Science curriculum is built around the Coop School Garden where students learn the basics of gardening, plant biology, and life cycles. Field trips are an important part of the learning experience at Coop and the 5th grade has their fair share of excursions around Majuro to foster real-world connections with the community.

Marshallese Language Arts, for some, strengthens students’ ability in their native tongue, and for others, offers an opportunity to learn a new language. Physical Education is a class that all students enjoy. Students learn various forms of exercise and are refreshed once they reenter the classroom.


Ms. Sarah Blair
5th Grade

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