lunch2 The school facility consists of 12 classrooms, library/technology center, cafeteria and office space. In the summer of 2000, the school was confronted with a facilities crisis when a sudden wind storm hit the island, blowing the roof off four of the upstairs classrooms, and severely damaging the downstairs classrooms. The school responded by obtaining an emergency loan from a local commercial bank to effect repairs to the building that was heavily damaged, and to build what is now the building housing the library, classroom for special needs students, and staff room. While this resulted in a financial drain on the school as it repaid the loan at the rate of about $24,000 per year, the final payment was made on time in 2004, a tribute to the school’s sound fiscal management.

In an effort to improve the learning environment, the school obtained funding support from the Japanese government in the amount of $79,807 for the renovation of the 11 main classrooms during the 2002-03 school year.school2

By improving the lighting, increasing the number of fans, installing ceilings (none of the classrooms had ceilings) and insulation, and repainting the inside and outside of the buildings, both the learning environmentand the level of pride in the school have been improved. In addition, with the support of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the school renovated its old and deteriorating bathroom facility during the summer of 2003 so that the bathrooms were significantly improved for the 2003-04 school year.

science labParticularly since 2000, the school’s PTA has been extremely proactive in addressing needs at the school raising on average about $12,000 annually for a variety of projects, mostly aimed at improving facilities. The funding is raised through a variety of fundraising programs, including special events at the school such as the annual Halloween, Christmas and talent shows. The PTAs have also organized very successful off-campus events to raise funds for the school. In 2007 the school took out a $60,000 loan from a local bank and combined the proceeds from this loan with locally raised funds and built a 6 room teacher housing complex. The financial success of these events is indicative of the strong Majuro Cooperative School-community partnership and bond.lunch3

Currently the school is attempting to raise funds through grants and donations to repair and construct various buildings on our campus. If you are interested in giving a donation to the Majuro Cooperative School, please go to our Donations page for further information. We will accept any amount of money that you are willing to give.

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