Grade 3

Third Grade is a big year for transitions.  Students are learning to become independent and responsible for their academic learning and successes.  In third grade students will learn and master their multiplication facts and begin memorizing division facts.  They transition from beginning readers to emergent readers.  The students enjoy participating in literature circles, where they read and talk about a chapter book or short novel with their peers.  In science students explore and learn about habitats, environments, and ecosystems. We spend time observing ocean life in the tide pools behind the school.  We go on walking tours of the community identify different plant life, describing its habitat, and describing the plants along the way.  Students also focus heavily on the environment. They take an active part in the community by helping to pick up trash, recycle, reduce waste, reuse items, and conserve water and other natural resources.  Learning about the Marshall Islands Government, how it began, and how it impacts their life.  Along with learning about their own government, students learn about the roots of the US Democracy and how it works.

Ms. Emily Dale
3rd Grade

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