Grade 8

Eighth grade at Majuro Cooperative School is a year in which we are beginning to prepare students for high school, yet give them an opportunity to be leaders within the Middle School.

In Language Arts the focus is on writing, speaking, reading and discussion.  We try to develop a student’s self confidence so that they are able to formulate opinions and discuss them in small and large groups.  Students write essays, poetry, stories and new articles.  They learn the difference between different forms of literature and learn to value reading novels, poetry and journalism.  The year culminates in them compiling an “Autobiography” of who they were, who they are and who they want to be.

In Social Studies the study much of the “western world.”  The class is focused on the culture and geography of Europe and the Americas.  Students learn a lot about government, the economy and European history.  We integrate Marshallese history into this by taking time to notice when and why the Marshall Islands was colonized and changed hands between different countries.

In Math and Science the focus is on critically examining the world around us and how math and science can and do unlock the secrets of the universe.  The Saxon Math program utilized at CO-OP places students in classes based on their levels, but each class focuses on developing students’ ability to analyze and solve practical math problems.

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