Grade 9

This year is a huge transition for our 9th graders. They are experiencing new teachers and teaching styles, new classmates and friends, new subjects of study, new academic standards and expectations, and a much more challenging workload.  They are beginning to take a deeper look into the world around them including the geography, history, and culture of the Pacific Islands in Pacific Studies as well as their roles in the varied cycles of the natural world around us in Environmental Science. They are inundated with language training: English, Japanese 1, and Marshallese Language Arts.  They even have the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills in their Communications 9 class.  The 9th graders also spend a semester in Health 9 and Physical Education where they have the opportunity to learn more about their bodies, physical health, and the importance of making smart, healthy lifestyle choices in order to improve the overall quality of their own lives.

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