K-5 Special Programs

Co-op_CourtyardIn the learning resource center, teachers, teaching assistants and students work together to reinforce learning objectives and boost skills. We work with general education teachers and try to promote a model of inclusion while keeping in mind that every child learns differently and has his/her own learning profile that we cater to as much as possible. The learning resource center attempts to provide an environment that children find engaging and safe to take risks in their own learning. Please feel free to stop by and say hello. Below is a list of some recommended iPad apps and educational websites that your child might find helpful over the holiday breaks or even as an after school activity!

Download this for more information:

Parental Rights in English

Parental Rights in Marshallese

A Parent’s Guide to the IEP process

Recommended iPad apps to promote early literacy:

Tap and Learn (Free) A spelling app
Shape O – ABCs ($1.99) A matching letters app
Intro to Letters ($4.99) Early intro to reading and writing letters
Dr. Seuss’s ABCs ($3.99) Reading app
Alphabetic ($1.99) A letter identification game
Alphabetical Order ($1.99) A letter identification/ sound game
Word Wagon ($1.99) Leveled phonics game to help students learn to read
Simplex Spelling Lite (Free) Spelling game where kids build off of high frequency words

Recommended iPad apps to promote math:

Native Numbers ($9.99) Highly rated, promotes number sense
Math Training for kids ($0.99) Helps with basic fact practice and fundamentals
Mathmateer ($0.99) Reinforces a variety of skills through a game
Mathly Hollows ($1.99) Game for a variety of math skills
Counting Caterpillar ($1.99) Simple , leveled counting app for younger children
Story Builder: Gives students the opportunity to practice story building structure
Sentence Builder: A  good way to have students practice sentence structure and syntax
Write About This: Provides prompts for students to write stories about
Brainstormer: Gives students story starting sentences that they need to put in order and continue on with their own story based on the theme

Recommended iPad apps supporting transition:

Here is a list of ipad apps that are suggested for visual learners and children who might have difficulty with transition. The apps allow them to make a visual schedule to make transition from activity to activity more predictable thus relieving some of the anxiety associated with change.

Prompts, Visual supports, schedules and picture prompts ($49.99, highly customizable)
ChoiceWorks (Beevisual, LLC) $6.99
Picture Prompt Timer $3.99
FTVS- First Then Visual Schedule $14.99
Pictello $18.99
First & Then (Alisha Forrest) $1.99
Picture Me Calm- A Visual schedule $2.99
Shake a Phrase: Helps students identify parts of speech and starting stories
Things to think about: Offers writing prompts for kids to think and write about

Helpful websites:

www Storylineonline.net

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