Eager, energetic, and enthusiastic!  Those words sum up the 26 kindergarteners of Majuro Cooperative School.  They are active learners who need to have their hands and minds engaged as they learn about the world around them.  Kindergarten is the time we set the stage for formal learning.  Our students are learning to love stories and the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.  We are excited about learning more about our world everyday! We are a very excited group of loving children. We are learning fast and we really love school!! This year we will work in the garden, and explore the critters of the coral reef living just outside our door.  Imagine a world where children can go outdoors and find a little hermit crab to bring to the classroom to share.  We also have an impressive shell collection that we explore in our science center. These measures of our natural environment are interwoven into all of our lessons as we embrace the beautiful and unique environment that we live here in the Marshall Islands. These are only some of the small joys of life at Co-op.

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Academic Year 2015-2016