Coop’s Pre-school classes ages 3 and 4 at Coop are hands-on engaging. Mornings are usually calendar, counting, the weather and read-a-louds. We are emergent readers. We can recognize some sounds and some letters. We are learning to touch count each day using the toys, and tools in our room. Brain exercise start each class both am and pm. Right hemisphere, left hemisphere, we cross arms, we cross legs and we move around the room with positive, I statements such as, “I’m ready to learn”, “I’m ready to write”, “I’m ready to share”, “I’m ready to talk to my friends in a nice way”. Our writing is taught through exploration, individual and group experiences. We recite poems, sing and share stories each day. Free time offers a chance for communication, problem solving and growing as a member of our community and as a good citizen.

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