MCS roof-1
PTA Officers for 2013-2014:

Deanna Gilmar, President
Simone Bithell, Vice President
Cody Jack, Secretary
Christine Domnick, Treasurer

Particularly since 2000, the school’s PTA has been extremely proactive in addressing needs at the school raising on average about $12,000 annually for a variety of projects, mostly aimed at improving facilities. The funding is raised through a variety of fundraising programs, including special events at the school such as the annual Halloween, Christmas and talent shows.

The PTAs have also organized very successful off-campus events to raise funds for the school. In 2007 the school took out a $60,000 loan from a local bank and combined the proceeds from this loan with locally raised funds and built a 6 room teacher housing complex. The financial success of these events is indicative of the strong Majuro Cooperative School-community partnership and bond.

In 2013, PTA funds repaired classroom roofs, as well as purchasing three laser printers and computers for the office.

Currently the school is attempting to raise funds through grants and donations to repair and construct various buildings on our campus. If you are interested in giving a donation to the Majuro Cooperative School, please go to our Donations page forfurther information. We will accept any amount of money that you are willing to give.

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